Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Manaslu is Nepal’s most wondrous place swarmed with hidden beauty. The beauty that some have acknowledged long ago. While the rest still await for a much worth recognition.

Every corner in Manaslu has something to discover. Some places are so notable that it’s explored by tourists now and then while others, relatively inaccessible.

But all, much the same in extorting adventurous sites with overwhelming natural beauty. With its ethereal beauty and terrific landscapes, Manaslu continues to bestride many great hikes in Nepal.

Himalayas trekking, in itself, is a wonderful experience. But when it’s Manaslu Base Camp trek, the excitement is indeterminable. For trekkers, it’s a treat to explore the diverse topography and unique landscapes of the region.

Resplendent snow-peaks and rich artistry provide the framework for an adventure on Manaslu Base Camp trek. What’s more, the great host and easy-going locals who’re ever ready to accommodate you.

Manaslu, like any other region, has its own drawbacks. With every trail surmount, you’ll be challenged to your best. The seasons are mostly monsoon putting in another hindrance to the hiking.

Still, it’s the sweet memories to gain by the end of the trip for which trekkers will have Manaslu Base Camp trek. So, here we present to you our Manaslu Base Camp trek Itinerary based on which you can plan the trip.

Where is Manaslu Base Camp located?

Few hiking destinations in the world are as thrilling and as Manaslu Base Camp trek. Every year travelers drift the region, willing to see the varied landscape and wildlife. The stunning view of Manaslu, being another prime reason for travel to the base camp.

Manaslu Base Camp, located in the North-central Nepal witness crowd throughout the year. Thanks to the unlikeness of the region with the aesthetic beauty of nature and cultural diversity.

The art, history, and tradition from primordial give other reasons for trekking to Manaslu Base Camp. The place comes with an endless option for trekkers that it will keep their heart in the region.

The trails along the way to the base camp offer the best scenic view with green terrains and landscapes. The unreal pattern formed in the land with diverse topography makes the region alluring.

What is the best time for Manaslu Base Camp trek?

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Following the unexacting routes, Manaslu Base Camp Trek can be done all around the year. Unlike anywhere, its natural beauty with diverse topography and wilderness will hail you in any season.

Choosing between the season to travel to Manaslu Base Camp can dumbfound anyone. Still, for the best memories out of a trip, it’s best you visit the region in Spring.

Out of all seasons, spring brings the most exquisite view with all green pastures. The dense forest covered with wildflowers has the whole region look nothing short of phenomenal.

Spring in Manaslu travels with a clear sky and offers a glorious view of Mt. Manaslu. It fetes Spring from the mid-March and shuns by the end of June.

Till the time, the entire Manaslu region is marveled with lush green forest and blooming rhododendron. With the bright sunshine, the whole valley looks vibrant and astonishing.

After Spring, the other time you’d be inclined to visit Manaslu is Autumn. It starts in September and lasts until the end of December.

Trekkers of Autumn are ingress with lovely weather and picturesque views. It delights the visitors by putting vivid flower displays through the dense forest. It assures a tranquil atmosphere with a soothing climate and better visibility of mountains.

For a surprise, hikers even enjoy going on the base camp trek during Winter. Credit to the priceless view of the valley swept with snow and the snow-capped mountains.

In Nepal, winter starts from mid-December and lasts until March. It’s an ideal time for trekking as the sky is bright blue and the weather, quite pleasant in lower elevation.

Days of Winter in Manaslu are warm while the morning and night are chilly. There is a possibility of heavy snowfall as you ascend higher elevation. Hence, it’s best you stay updated with the weather forecast.

Monsoon is the only time when trekkers least visit the region. It frequently rains during that time, causing a murky road. Even the trails are drenched all day long, which is unsafe to travel.

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Arriving at Kathmandu

Prior to your flight takes down the Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will be waiting for you at the arrival. As a gesture of goodwill, you’ll be greeted and welcome to the country.

With this, they’ll drive you to your hotel along with the main cities of Kathmandu. As the flight must have got you exhausted, it’s best you get some rest. Hence, we’ll leave you just there.

After relaxing, you can freshen up and arrive at the table for lunch. If it is still drained, you can stay at the hotel or else go on a trip to Kathmandu.

For the evening, you can pick your own favorite food house or restaurant to get something delicious. Here, you have an endless option to choose from traditional Nepalese dishes to world cuisine.

If you are not interested in any of them, you can scramble back to your hotel and have dinner. It’s, however, an enchanting scene while tripping the city washed in glittering lights.

To know further, keep scrolling down the Manaslu Base Camp trek Itinerary. It has every detail about the trek route and duration based on which you can make a plan for the trip.

Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

Drive Duration: 8 hours

Drive Distance: 140 km

Maximum Altitude: 710 meters

To start off the Manaslu Camp Trek, you’ll be leaving Kathmandu Valley today. We’ll pick you up at your hotel soon you have your breakfast. From there, you’ll drive to Soti Khola along the Budhi Gandaki river.

The route will have you pass through Morder and Simre before reaching Arkhat river. This is when your formal trek to the base camp starts as you ascend to Kyoropani.

Because it’s too tardy to travel any further, you’ve to stay the night at Soti Khola. It’d be fortunate to find a guest house for an overnight stay in the region. Or else camp near the conflux of Seti River.

Day 03: Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Trek DIstance: 14.2 km

Maximum Altitude: 900 meters

Our Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary for the third-day behest, all the trekkers. All because, it’s going to be a tough day on the trip today, having to walk at least 6 hours.

You start trekking early today as you’ve 14.1 km distance to cover from Soti Khola to Machha Khola. You’ll start the trip walking a terraced field before descending the steeps.

Soon you’ll end up scrambling uphill towards the ridge to Almara. You then break through the dense forest to reach Riden Gaon. From here, the valley splits to the other side of the river, walking which you’ll get into Budhi Gandaki.

After arriving at Lambesi, a short trail walking down the creek of Budhi Gandaki leads you to Machha river. For the day, it’s your last stoppage so better find a guest house to stay the night.

Day 04: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Trek Distance: 22.2 km

Maximum Altitude: 1340 meters

Today, your journey from Machha Khola to Jagat begins with a 6-7 hours trip. You’ll set off for the trip early in the morning crossing Machha river and fore upstream along the edge of the river.

Walking ahead, you’ll reach Khola Besi which offers an astonishing view to the trekkers. Soon you’ll get across the river and arrive at Tatopani Hot Spring, incredible beauty of nature.

After exploring the village, you’ll follow a trail that goes through a forest to Doban. After a few miles, you’ll start ascending the hills that offer a breathtaking landscape.

Finally, you’ll wind-up your excursion for the day. Stay the night at a guest house and get a rest.

Day 05: Trek from Jagat to Pewa or Dang

Trek Duration: 8-9 hours

Trek Distance: 20 km

Maximum Altitude: 2095 meters

After having breakfast, you start trekking from Jagat to Pewa, which takes almost 6-7 hours. You’ll begin clambering along the Budhi Gandaki River and walk across the bridge.

Along the way, you’ll go past many beautiful villages including Salleri and Philim. For a cultural exchange, you can interact with the locals there.

Finally, you’ve now arrived at the Manaslu Conservation Area Project. As the whole area is protected, you need to have a permit. From here, you proceed through Budhi Gandaki Valley scant with two steep high heels.

At last, you arrive at Pewa walking the scarp valley. You’ll stay the night at Pewa and continue excursion the other day.

Day 06: Trek from Pewa/Ghap to Lho

Trek Duration: 7-8 hours

Trek Distance: 16.3 km

Maximum Altitude: 3180 meters

The Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary for Day 6 evince a trek from Ghap to Lho. It’s a long day on the road so it’s best you start walking early in the morning.

After morning breakfast, you continue the trek, taking a walkway through the jungle. You’ll keep scrambling along the Budhi Gandaki Valley until you come across the bridge.

You’ll follow the trail to the right of the river and ascend the high hills. Even if it’s just for a moment, you’ll have the best time here. Watching different species of birds and magnificent landscapes will let you ease.

After almost two hours of walking, you’ll reach Budhi Gandaki River. As soon as you get over the bridge, Ghap will be right ahead of you. Few more hours on the trail and you’ll reach Lho.

Day 07: Trek from Lho to Sama Village

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Trek Distance: 8.1 km

Maximum Altitude: 3500 meters

You day 7 of Manaslu Base Camp Trek starts from Lho Village to Sama Gaun. The 7 hours of walk to Sama Village will be quite challenging and drooping as well.

At the beginning of the trek, you’ll walk a pine forest that keeps drawing further in. By the time you get rid of the forest, you’ll get a heartwarming view of snow-peaks.

Now after almost four hours of walking through the taxing trail, you’ll be at Sama Village. It’s the stoppage of your trek for the day. You can book in a lodge and relax before going on to explore the village.

Inside Sama Gaun, you’ll find a true blend of culture-history and art, looked after several years. Despite the language barrier, you’ll find ways to interact with the locals.

Day 08: Sama Village Excursion

Sama Village is your gateway to Manaslu Base Camp. And because it lies at an elevation of 4800 meters, altitude acclimatization becomes a must for every trekker.

Hence, you stay at Sama Village and take a short hike to get used to the climate. You’ve ample options to go around Sama Gaun and even farther.

You can take a trip to the magnificent Birendra Tal which goes all the way to the base of Manaslu Glacier. It takes trekkers approximately 45 minutes to reach the turquoise lake.

Day 09: Trek from Sama Village to Manaslu Base Camp

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Trek Distance: 16.4 km

Maximum Altitude: 4800 meters

Finally, the day has arrived when you’ll be at the foot of Manaslu Base Camp. Get all your stuff in the backpack and start trekking from Sama Gaun early in the morning.

A day of altitude acclimatization in Sama Gaun will abet you in the trek to the base camp. The four hours of walk along the trail will end you at the Manaslu Base Camp.

Soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by the mesmeric view of Manaslu. The surreal valley from atop along with gleaming lakes formed out of glaciers will blow your mind.

Instead of retracing back to the village, you’ll camp near the base camp and stay the night here.

Day 10: Trek from Base Camp to Sama Village

Trek Duration: 2-3 hours

Trek Distance: 16.4 km

Maximum Altitude: 3525 meters

The day 10 of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary has the trekker forge ahead. It gives them early preparation for the trip from the Base Camp to Sama Village.

After that terrific experience at Manaslu Base Camp, you’re now ready to descend to Sama Village. It takes about 2-3 hours from the base camp before you arrive at Sama Gaun.

A short trekking trail to Pungyen Gompa and Birendra Tal will get you to the village. However, the route will have you walking through the forest to a ridge and meadow. Continue walking the trail to the Birendra Tal and you’ll reach Sana village.

Day 11: Trek from Sama (Gaun) to Namrung

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Trek Distance: 17.7 km

Maximum Altitude: 2900 meters

On the 11th day of the Manaslu Base Camp trek, you’ll be trekking to Namrung from Sana Gaun. It is 17.7 km walk to an uneven trail that heads plain and soon descends the hill to get to the village.

Despite the 5-6 hours of trek, you’ll have a terrific time walking through the rugged lands and terrain. Along the way, you’ll pass through ancient Monastery and stupas, an incredible work of art.

Day 12: Trek from Namrung to Philim

Trek Duration: 6 hours

Trek Distance: 21.2 km

Maximum Altitude: 1570 meters

From Namrung, you’ll have less challenging trails to walk to Philim Village. The routes from Namrung hew their way to hills and forest.

The most incredible aspect of the trail is it takes you to the most splendid beauty of nature. It will have your encounter with the astounding waterfalls and green pastures that go all the way to Philim.

Day 13: Trek from Philim to Machhakhola

Trek duration: 5 hours

Trek distance: 14 km

Maximum Altitude: 930 meters

The trail from Philim to Machhakhola will have you walking downhill and along the river. So it’s still okay if you start the trek right after having breakfast.

The trek to Machhakhola from Philim will have your encounter with some of the most incredible places. The fresh air roaming drifting around with the clear blue sky will have your journey a marvellous one.

Day 14: Trek from Machhakhola to Soti Khola

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Trek DIstance: 14.1 km

Maximum Altitude: 730 meters

This almost brings you to the end of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek. The distance of 14.1 km from Machhakhola to Soti Khola is when you’ll be walking for the last time.

The trail yet assures that you have a great time scrambling along with the scenic view of Himalayas. The terrific looking green pastures, thousands-year-old monasteries and village will have you a memory to remember.

It’ll take at least 6 hours to arrive at Soti Khola walking downhill along Budhi Gandaki river. On the way, you’ll get around many beautiful villages including, Armala and Lapubesi. The night you’ll stay at Soti Khola.

Day 15: Drive from Soti Khola to Pokhara

Drive Duration: 5 hours 11 min

Drive Distance: 158.8 km

Maximum Altitude: 1740 meters

No more dashing and exhaustion from Soti Khola as you don’t have to walk any longer. Instead, you’ll have a cosy trip unlike ever before driving from Soti Khola to Pokhara.

This alternative will help you reach Pokhara in no time covering a distance of 158.8 km. After arriving at Pokhara, you’ll get an option of a guest house and lodge. You can choose either of them and stay the night there.

Day 16: Relax

Almost 6 hours of driving will, of course, get you exhausted. So, instead of going sightseeing instantly, you better relax and get a proper nap in the hotel.

Once you’re refreshed, you can now travel around Pokhara. This is your time to unwind as Pokhara has got plenty of adventures.

Whether it’s scintillating places to hang out or the coruscating lakeside of Pokhara, you’ll never get bored here.

Day 17: Fly to Kathmandu

Flight Duration: 15-25 minutes

Flight Distance: 146 km

Maximum Altitude: 1400 meters

After an unforgettable trek with complete serenity, you’re not ready to return to Kathmandu. On the 17th day of your Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary, you will start the morning with a sumptuous breakfast and take your time to pack the stuff.

After that, you’ll be driving to the airport in Pokhara. You can get a regular flight to Kathmandu every other hour or even charter a flight. On your trip to Kathmandu, you’ll get a glimpse of beautiful landscapes and spectacular valleys.

Soon as you touch down the airport, we’ll receive you and drive you to your hotel. You can take a rest then and later go on to explore the city.

Day 18: Final Departure

It’s your last few hours in the beautiful Kathmandu city as you’ll fly home today. Our representative will pick you up two hours before your scheduled flight. It’s because we want to make sure that you don’t run late or in case, miss your flight.

Finally, we had a great time accommodating you. And hope that you too had the time of your life during your stay in Nepal.

Please contact us for more details. Eagle Eye Trek will be more than happy to help.

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