Manaslu Circuit Trek Without a Guide

Manaslu Circuit Trek Without a Guide

The Manaslu Circuit trek is one of the off-beaten trekking routes of Nepal. The Manaslu Circuit area is a conserved area and protected under Manaslu Conservation Area Project.

So, Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide is not possible.

The government does not allow solo treks in the Manaslu Circuit as it is a conserved area. You must have a licensed guide with you.

The Manaslu Circuit trek follows a trail to the Nepalese and Chinese border.

As the trek passes through the untouched region, it offers the most beautiful views of the Himalayas.

The Manaslu Circuit trek offers a unique and peaceful experience with breathtaking views.

Among the magnificent mountains, you can see Mt. Himalchuli, Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu (eight,163m) itself and others. There are about 10 peaks of over 6500 meters.

The Manaslu Circuit trek also offers panoramic views of the landscape. As many who have trekked would describe it, the trek is a photographer’s paradise.

In addition to the views of the mountains, the Manaslu Circuit trek offers much more. The trekking trail leads you to the Manaslu Conservation Area. The conservation area is full of flora and fauna with unique species.

Many travelers from all around the world visit the area just to observe the exotic beauty the place has to offer.

The Manaslu Circuit trek passes through many different ecological zones. The zones; tropical, subtropical, temperate, alpine and subalpine are in abundance here. It is one of the main reason why there is so much biodiversity in the region.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Without a Guide

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one the most adventurous trekking trails of Nepal. The trek follows remote areas and villages.

However, solo treks to the Manaslu region is not possible. It is not allowed by the Government of Nepal.

Hence, you need a government registered tour guide and a minimum of two trekkers to trek in the Manaslu circuit.

So, it is almost impossible to do the Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide. The only alternative is to hire a local porter instead of a guide to accompany you.

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Difficulties of Manaslu Circuit trek Without a Guide

A Probability of Getting Lost

The Manaslu Circuit trek is a secluded trek and not many trekkers visit the area. In addition to that, as the trek is along a trail which lies in a conservation area, there are not many people living there.

You may get lost easily. And as the area is quite remote you may not get any signal on your cell phone.

So, in an unknown terrain without google maps to help you and getting lost becomes one of the most dangerous problems.


The Manaslu Circuit trek is a difficult trek. In such treks, there is a high chance of injury. The Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide in this regards becomes a big disadvantage.

If you suffer from an injury, there are very few health posts in the area.

So, even small injuries may become a big problem without a knowledgeable guide with you.

Perks of Having a Guide

  • The guides have extensive knowledge about the landscape, trekking trails, and villages. So, you will be able to indulge fully in the trek. And you will have a more enjoyable and safer trek.
  • The guides have good knowledge and training in first-aid and safety measures. So, if a problem or injury does arise, you need not worry much as they will take care of it.
  • You will not have to queue or get worried about your trekking permits. The professional trekking guides will take care of all the trekking permits you need for your trekking.
  • Your guide will be well updated on the weather of the region along with the condition of trekking trails. So, you are less likely to have to face any problems such as mudslides, landslides, accidents, heavy rainfall.
  • You need not worry much about the budget in order to hire a guide. A guide won’t add much to the Manaslu Circuit trek cost. The daily wage of a registered trekking guide is only about $25- $35 per day. This will include everything from insurance, meals, accommodation to the daily salary of the guide.
  • Your guide will also recommend the best tea houses to stay at, eat at, rest stops, the best time to trek and so on which is always a bonus.

Alternative to Hiring a Guide

If you are still thinking of Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide, there is an alternative solution.

Instead of hiring a guide you can always hire a licensed, professional porter-guide for your Manaslu trek.

Having a porter-guide is always a good idea when you go trekking. It will allow you to trek more freely. So, hiring a licensed porter-guide who has good knowledge about the trails and landscape is the best alternative.

The porter-guide is also usually someone on the way to being a fully licensed guide. The cost of hiring a porter-guide is $22-$25 per day, slightly more than hiring a porter.

Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek with a Guide/Porter

Physical Fitness

The Manaslu Circuit trek is one of the more strenuous treks. As so it is better if you train before attempting the trek.

Training of at least a month before the trek will help you with the trek. You may train by going on long hikes and/or training on the treadmill at the gym.

If without a guide, you will need to look out for yourself. This means you will need to be physically fit and mentally ready for it. A local porter/ guide may not be well trained for unseen incidents.

Make Sure to Get Travel Insurance

You will need this in case you need any medical attention or for the immediate helicopter rescue. Forgetting or losing your baggage is also a possibility. So, it is in your best that you get travel insurance from your home country.

Past Trekking Experience

If you are well determined for Manaslu Circuit trek, be sure to book a guide or porter who have prior trekking experience in the region. Your porter/guide might not know a lot about the area.


If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path trekking experience, the Manaslu Circuit trek is perfect for you. The rustic, remote and high altitude region trekking experience of Manaslu Circuit is unbeatable.

The Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide or a solo-trek is not possible as the area from Jagat to Bhimthang is a restricted region.

An alternative for you would be to hire a local porter/ guide instead.

Also, after the April 2015 massive earthquake, the trekking route did get damaged. And although the paths have gone through reparations many trekking routes have changed.

A guide will help you navigate the trek more safely. They will answer almost all your queries about the landscape, the culture, the flora and fauna found in the region.

So, you will have a better trekking experience. And as hiring a guide won’t make many increments in your budget, you should hire one.

If you have any queries about the Manaslu Circuit trek or want to book your trek, feel free to contact us.

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