Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List for the Female Trekker

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing list for female trekker

Everest Base Camp is an amazing trekking destination, no doubt for trekkers of any sex. Everest Base Camp trek packing list for the female trekker is an important topic you must pay into consideration if you are female. You must be careful of what you pack.

If you carry the wrong things or miss something important you might end up in a pickle. So, before you pack, pay attention to Everest Base Camp packing list. This enables you to enjoy the combination of mountains and landscapes which is a paradise on earth.

This adventurous Everest Base Camp trek takes you to the high altitudes and remote routes provide a thrilling yet relaxing feeling. You will pass through beautiful lush green forests. Charming streams and waterfalls will greet you every once in a while as you trek through the route.

This blissful journey will add extra amazement if you get every necessary gear handy. Otherwise, you will fail to enjoy the side-views.

If you are a female trekker then there are a list of things that you might consider taking. Sanitation and the provision of a proper toilet can be an issue. Also, check on the weather of Everest Base Camp Trek before you pack. And, do not undermine the Everest Base Camp trek difficulty.

You could be sharing a room with a co-trekker. If you do not find it comfortable then you can opt to carry a bed sheet to create a wall whenever you change. These are some of the issues to consider.

Allow us to share the Everest Base Camp trek packing list for the female trekker. Feel free to customize it as per your need.

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Sports Bra -When you go trekking it is important that you carry a comfortable bra. Sports bra provides proper support without taking away the comfort.

A wired bra will cause many problems and are hard to pack and as so you may ruin them. It is best if you pack at least 3 pairs of sports bra for your trek to Everest Base Camp.

Better to carry ones that are quick to dry.

Trekking underwear – Trekking underwear is great to take while trekking. They are very comfortable and won’t chafe you during your trek.

They must be breathable. And provide less feeling of sweat (you will get sweaty during the long treks in the day ). Be sure you pack enough underwear, at least 7 pairs.

Inner layer

The inner layer will keep you warm and cozy throughout the cold mountain trek. And layering is key to protect yourself from the cold weather. It is an important part of Everest Base Camp trek packing list for the female trekker

Thermal trousers and Shirts- The thermal trousers and shirts will keep you cozy and comfortable. They will also be useful during the cold nights as you can also wear them to bed if you feel extra chilly.

You should pack at least 2 pairs of thermal trousers and 2 pairs of thermal shirts.

Middle layer

The middle layer will help you keep warm. They will often be useful as you may feel too hot and want to remove the outer layer. This especially happens during the day when the sun seems to get hotter.

Trekking shirts – These can be lightweight breathable shirts. You should pack 2 short sleeved and 3 long sleeved trekking shirts. If you are able to find flash drying shirts they would be even better.

Trekking trousers– These trousers will act as the outer layer and protect and insulate your body from the fast flowing mountain air. You should pack about 3 pairs of trekking trousers for your trek to the Everest Base Camp.

Outer layer

Thick insulating jacket/ Fleece-lined Jacket. These jackets are lightweight and are quite portable. They will save enough space in your bag and insulate you from the cold and wind as well.

Rain jacket and Rain trouser – There might be sudden rain or snow during the trek. So, pack a pair of rain jacket and trouser to prevent you from getting wet.

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Gloves- The cold might cause frostbites. You should pack 2 layers of gloves to prevent them from getting frostbitten.

The inner layer should be warm. And the outer insulating and waterproof to prevent the inner layer from getting wet.

Caps/headpiece – Caps are essential to protect your ears and head and prevent headaches due to the cold. You can pack beanies or other woolen hats that cover your ear to protect yourself.

You can buy woolen caps from the Thamel area if you wish to. They are very warm and cute too.

Sun Hat – The sunlight may be a problem while you trek. So, make sure to pack at least 1 sun hat to keep the sun from getting in your eyes.

Sunglasses- You should pack polarized sunglasses which will protect you from UV lights.

Since you will be trekking from morning till early evenings, the sun can get a little harsh during the day. Also, you will be at higher altitudes where the air is thinner which will expose you directly to the sun’s fatal UV radiations.

Hiking Socks – Regular socks won’t cut it when you go trekking. You will be walking for 6-7 hours every day. This can put a lot of stress on your feet.

Proper hiking socks help to soak your feet and keep them dry. These socks also absorb odor and keep your feet from smelling after repeated use.

You should pack about 7 pairs of socks if you don’t plan to wash them.

Hiking Boots-Boots are the one piece of article that could make your trip easier. Especially if you are traveling during the monsoon or cold months.

You need comfortable boots with good traction to make the walking easy. Also, make sure they are warm and dry for the cold. Use them after they are well broken-in to prevent any blisters, bruises, or discomfort during the entire trek.

Hiking Sandals – You may want to ditch the stuffy boots once in a while, the sandals come in handy especially during that time. Plus they will also be useful when you need to walk around in the hotel and tea houses.


Hiking Backpack– The bag that you carry should be big enough to carry all your stuff. It should also be comfortable and sturdy, you will be carrying it the whole trek.

Trekking poles – Trekking poles do come in handy during treks. But they are especially useful during the Everest Base Camp trek as it is a long trek and your legs will get tired. The poles will make walking a lot easier and help you complete the trek.

Torch- Torch is another item that you should pack. You might experience power cuts during your stay. Although power cuts are a rarity. The torches come in handy especially when you are going to the toilets late at night

Whistle – Whistles are helpful as it will allow you to call for help easily if needed. It is great to get quick attention.

Water bottle– This is an obvious necessity. It is best to carry your own than to buy bottled water every now and then.


Tampons/Pads– It will be quite expensive to buy tampons or pads during the trek as they aren’t easily available. So, be sure you carry them with you. They are the mandatory items from Everest Base Camp trek packing list for the female trekker.

Sunblock – The Sun can get quite harsh especially when you climb to higher altitudes. You should always apply and reapply sunblock throughout the trek to protect your skin. You should pack one that is at least SPF 40 and suits your skin.

Moisturizer– Your skin will get quite dry due to the cold. You should carry both a body as well as face moisturizer to prevent this.

Shampoo/ soap- You may want to carry travel size pouches to save space.

Wet wipes– If it is really cold for you and you are not willing to take showers, use wet wipes. It helps you stay clean throughout the trek.

Foot powder-. The 5 to 6 hours trek every day is sure to make your feet sweaty and smelly. So, a foot powder is a great thing to carry to prevent these.

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First aid kit- In case of wounds, blisters, and other regular hazards, they can help you and others for quick cures.

Water Purifier– Purchasing purified water bottles up in the mountains can get a bit expensive. Purifying pills are a great way if you choose to refill your bottles with spring or river water.

Diamox tablets– You can use these tablets to prevent symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). It is best to carry before you go to the mountains. But do consult your doctor before you take these.


Passports -There will be a few checkpoints where you need to verify your passport. So keep your passport securely at all times. Also, if you are taking the flight, which is highly recommended, you will require it.

Travel permit – To trek to the Everest Base Camp, you will need travel permits. You should make sure you pack these. Also, keep them handy. You have to verify them at various checkpoints.

Cash – There are few or no ATMs at all as you ascend to higher elevations. You will have to carry all of your money in cash in the Nepalese currency. To purchase anything and to pay all of your bills you must use Nepali currency.


Everest Base Camp is a great place to travel and trek to dis-regardless of your gender. And if you pack properly your trek will definitely be more enjoyable.

As you travel across rural villages and remote mountains, the right clothes, gear, and other accessories can make your trip fairly easy, comfortable, and fun.

So, pack smart and enjoy your trek to Everest Base Camp. If you have any queries about the trek, or you want to know more about Everest Base Camp trek packing list for the female trekker you can always contact us.

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